Frequently asked questions

If what you want to know doesn't appear here, feel free to contact us either here  or on our Facebook community page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If the same question gets asked frequently, it will appear here!
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    Do I need to be self sufficient?
    To an extent yes. There will be food and water stations en route dishing out cake and other goodies but still treat the Beast the same way as you would treat any epic day in the saddle. Make sure you have a supply of water and food with you as well as the equipment to repair any minor malfunctions that might otherwise ruin your day.
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    What is the route?
    The route is top secret. Very few people know where the trail goes, you can be sure that it will test you though. There will be good times and bad times, some laughs, some pain and some times when you wonder what you're doing here. Think of it as a metaphor for life or something.
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    What if I get lost?
    You wont. The course will be well marked with marshals at regular intervals. If you do manage to lose the trail, backtrack until you see a marshal or other riders.
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    Will there be first aid?
    Of course. We have dedicated first aiders, fell rescue, lots of elastoplast and 4x4 vehicles.
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    I'm new/ unfit will I be ok?
    Use your common sense. We can't tell you whether you're good to take on the big one but your chances of getting through it will drastically increase if you do some training beforehand. If it gets too much and not even the camaraderie of it all can keep you going, there's no shame in taking one of the many short cuts back to base and a nice cuppa. The Beast claimed many a strong rider last year!
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    I'd like to volunteer to help out
    Good on you! Get in touch via the contact page on this site or look us up on facebook and let us know what you can bring to the team. We are on the look out for marshals, course markers and clean up crew in particular but any skill set could be useful, both in the build up and on the day. Don't be shy.
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    Why does the half Beast cost the same as the full?
    Shame on you! You could learn a thing or two from that last guy. Seriously though, if you sign up for the half and you feel like you can go on to do the full, you are welcome to give it a go (time permitting). A LOT of people that sign on for the full Beast wont make it round so it all balances out (another metaphor for life there), remember the money is for a great cause and compare it to the entry costs of other events, you're not doing too badly for your 30 quid.
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    Who is Brian East? Can I have his number?
    The most frequently asked question of all. Brian's background is a total mystery, we knew nothing of him until the day he walked into the office and blew us all away with his encyclopedic knowledge of cryptozoology and his ability to manual his santa cruz around the entire skills loop whilst eating a donner kebab. With garlic dip. Unfortunately he is in a committed relationship, but will accept a beer if you're buying.