Hamsterley Beast 2016

Legal Stuff and Acknowledgements 

Use of this website is for your own personal and non-commercial use. Materials may not be copied, reproduced, republished, down-loaded, posted, broadcast or transmitted in any way, without prior written permission of Team Beast

The Beast is the result of a collaboration of efforts. No one involved in the planning  or execution of the ride gets paid. Thanks are due to the team members who give up their own time to make it happen as well as to those who donate prizes and money in the form of sponsorship. The forestry commision for their help, the land owners surrounding the forest for kindly allowing hundreds of riders to pass over their land.
The people who have ideas and input but dont stick around for the glory at the end and get forgotten in the press release. The suppliers who do us a deal because its for a good cause and of course, the people that enter and ride, the people who collect sponsorship money and the people who pledge it. Thanks to you all.
The Beast character was designed and kindly donated by Stephen Flack, check out his excellent art work here. Stephen is not responsible for  nor does he wish to be affiliated with any of the Beast images as they appear on this site, for example as used in the logo or photoshopped onto the forest image, please do not judge his work based on our ham fisted design efforts!